Homemade Heath Bar

Often when a friend or family member has a birthday, I offer to make whatever they want.  A very special someone had a birthday recently and requested homemade Heath bars.  Even though I was a tad late (ok, ok, almost a month but who’s counting, really?), these seem to be a hit.

I used a toffee recipe that couldn’t be simpler.  Seriously, mix three ingredients, stir, add heat, and let sit.  That’s it.  Except, don’t forget it is on the stove…I almost did.  After the toffee cooled, I broke it into pieces and covered it in chocolate. It was simple and delicious.

This desert is fitting for my special someone because he is a man of simple tastes.  He doesn’t care for fussy desserts but prefers the classics: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pudding, and candy.  Boy oh boy, does he love candy.  So, I wasn’t at all surprised when this was his birthday request.  And, I wasn’t late in getting it to him, just extending the celebration…right?

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